JWB's specialisation

In the mid eighties, after an unsuccessful search for a good archival storage box, the Municipal Archives of Amsterdam decided to develop their own system. They subsequently asked Jansen-Wijsmuller & Beuns, renowned as supplier of restoration and conservation products, to organise the marketing, acquisition and logistical aspects. This alliance resulted in “The Amsterdam Box”, also known as Box Code 169. It became famous, even far beyond the Dutch frontiers. Jansen-Wijsmuller & Beuns is proud to be in charge of the production, logistics and marketing of this archive box.

Awareness and recognition for the need of a good storage system for cultural heritage, also further enhanced by the ‘Archief-wet’ (Archive Law) of 2005, has grown dramatically. This resulted in an extensive delivery program of acid free boxes that comply with the ICN requirements. And our program still expands. Currently our range consists of more than 165 different sizes in archival boxes, archival cassettes, poster folders, (glass) negative boxes, clam shell boxes, etc.

In order to warrant the quality of these materials, the Municipal Archives of Amsterdam carry out random inspections. Besides that, all boxes are subject to tests based on the quality requirements of the Instituut Collectie Nederland (ICN). Upon request we gladly supply the bi-annual declarations of conformity.

Ever increasing quality requirements for the packaging of objects constantly inspires us to improve the quality of the boxes. As a result we have the ability to supply from stock, more and more boxes that meet the ICN quality requirements 3 and 11. The Amsterdam box e.g. is available in both the ICN 4 and 10 (for mid term storage; 10 years), brown, as well as the ICN 3 and 11 (for long term storage; 30 years) quality, grey-blue. The material, from which our boxes are made, has been PAT-tested by the Rochester Institute of Technology in the U.S.A. and complies with the ISO 18916 standard.
Just another example for our drive for quality: even long before it was mentioned in the Regeling Duurzaamheid Archiefbescheiden (Regulation on the Durability of Historical Files) a staple binder, meeting all standards, was available at Jansen-Wijsmuller & Beuns. Upon request a copy of the declarations of conformity can be supplied. You may also find the list of products that hold a valid certificate on the website of RCE (Rijksdienst voor het cultureel Erfgoed).

To offer our customers a total package, our program consists, next to our own acid-free boxes, acid-free wrapping paper and board, and acid free filing mechanisms, of the KS boxes (acid free boxes made to size), archival products and board from Klug Conservation, Germany. From the company Secol (UK) we supply the extensive range polyester archival systems. And for quit some time now we act as agent of Conservation by Design (UK).

With respect to our corporate social responsibility, but also upon request from our clients, Jansen-Wijsmuller & Beuns has become FSC-COC certified (NC-COC-029615-CF) in October 2009). In the near future more and more archival and conservation products will be supplied with an FSC-certificate. Should you wish to receive further information on this aspect please contact us under +31 75 621 1001.

The ongoing growth of and adaptations to our delivery program makes Verenigde Bedrijven Jansen-Wijsmuller & Beuns B.V. the supplier of archival materials.