Gummed paper tape

Acid-free paper tape (quality 0667), for restoration and mounting purposes. Contains no acidic substances, nor softening agents, nor modifiers. The gum a potato starch based adhesive coating. It can be removed by humidifying the surface for 5 to 10 minutes.

With its high tensile strength, it supports extremely heavy works of art. 

Name Info. Colour Weight Roll length Roll width Sheet size
Gummed paper tape white 80 gsm 50 m 2,5 cm
- white 80 gsm 50 m 5 cm
Gummed label paper Quality 099

With dextrine based adhesive. Basically suitable for laser-*, inkjet-, needle- en thermo transfer printers. Also for offset print.

* When used in laser printers follow the instructions carefully! 

white (reverse cream coloured) 105 gsm A4