For already many years we represent Ring Alliance, the European producer of mechanisms. Our delivery programme consists of standard ring meachnism as well as 'specials'; in almost any version, colour; with the necessary auxiliaries. From stock and upon request.

Name Info.
Ring mechanisms

Ring mechanisms are available in different executions (D-, R-, B- mechanism), in various lengt, (base-)width, fill-height, with a different number of rings.

Clamp mechanisms Standard width 100 mm, capacity 10 mm. Version: nickel-plated without mounting eye. Special model: Clamp mechanism combined with pen holder; available in 100 and 120 mm width.
Pipe mechanisms Available in various versions. Variables:. length of the base, distance between the pens, capacity.
- 160/160/90 Capacity: 45 mm.
- 200/200/130 Capacity: 35 tot 90 mm.
- 200/200/80 Capacity: 35 tot 90 mm.
- 230/230/130 Capacity: 35 tot 90 mm.
- 230/230/80 Capacity: 35 tot 90 mm.

Associated pens with a diameter of 1,2 mm are, upon request available, in any length. Minimum order quantity is 5.000 pieces.  Number of slots: 2 (25 mm); 3 (37 mm); 4 (50 mm); 5 (60 mm); 6 (75 mm); 8 (95 mm).