Double sided adhesive films

Double sided adhesive films (PVC) of which both sides are covered. Ideal for transforming non-adhesive objects into self adhesive ones. Can be stuck on paper, board, glass, wood, etc. DK3 and DK4 have adhesive sides with different characteristics.

Instruction video: . DK1

Name Info. Thickness Roll length Roll width

Permanent, double sided, self adhesivePVD film. A delayed tack on bith sides. On one side the film has a 120 gsm paper backing, through which the film gets an excellent flatness. This makes it easy to use, apply. The other side has a 63 gsm silicone LDPE backing.

80 µm 25 m 135 cm

Permanent, double sided adhesive PVC film. At the paper side backing (67 gsm silicone paper) an adhesive with a slow tack. Correcting becomes fairly easy. The adhezive on the other side, with the 63 gsm silicone LDPE backing has a normal tack, with a strong adhesion. Ideal for rough surfaces.

70 µm 15 m 135 cm

Permanent, double sided adhesive PVC film. The adhesive at the silicone LDPE-backing is removable without leaving a residue behind (note: only when applied on glass, synthetic material, etc. Does not apply to paper, photos, etc.). The glue at the 67 gsm silicone paper backing is permanent, pH-neutral and has a delayed initial adhesion.

80 µm 50 m 135 cm