Board film

ASLAN has an extensive program in board films, ranging from traditional school board films, to white board films (white but also coloured!), ferro films, clear board films and rear projection film. Due to the numerous non-permanent markers and liquid chalk pens, etc. we advise to test the functionality (writing and erasing) before hand. 

Information, instruction video:
. school board film BB 910
rear projection film RP 35

Name Info. Thickness Colour Roll length Roll width
(school) board films ASLAN (school) board films are available in different qualities. For regular chalk, but also liquid chalk markers. In black and green (and grey as long as stock lasts). Not only ideal for a regular school board, but also for menu signs in restaurants, notice boards, or a drawing colouring board at home. Even after intensive use, no ghosting effect appears.
- CR 62

Transparent (school-)board film for traditional chalk. Creates a "school board" out of any smooth surface. The "board" can be wiped clean easily without leaving ghoastig effects.

130 μm black 25 m 137 cm
- CR 63

Transparent (school-)board film for (ASLAN C-) liquid chalk as well as traditional chalk. Creates a "school board" out of any smooth surface. The foil is printable with UV-drying-and screen printing inks.

125 µm 25 m 137 cm
- BB 900 For regular chalk and liquid chalk markers (available as stock lasts). 150 µm grey 50 / 25 / 12,5 m 125 cm
- BB 910 For regular chalk and liquid chalk markers. 150 µm black 50 / 25 / 12,5 m 125 cm
- C 60 For regular chalk. In roll width of 90 cm only available until stock lasts. 160 µm green 25 m 125 cm
- C 61

For regular chalk. The foil is printable with UV-drying-and screen printing inks.

160 µm black 25 m 125 cm
White board film

High quality film for meeting rooms, schools, etc.. Also at home. Dirt and water resistant, easy to clean.

- WB 975

Matt white board film.

80 µm 25 m 137 cm
- WB 995

Glossy white board film.

25 m 137 cm
- WBL 995

Glossy white board film with dry apply technology, allowing to apply the film without the use of water. Air bubbles can be smoothed without force.

150 µm 25 m 137 cm
- WBC 996

Coloured white board film in 6 colours; orange, yellow, blue, pink, green and silver.

130 µm 24 m 122 cm
Ferro films

Films that turn every surface into a magnet holding surface.

New is the FerroSoft range; a magnetically receptive film in three versions. The flexibility of this film allows an easy and trouble free enhancement (printing, cutting, laminating, etc.) and application.

- FF 480

Can be printed with solvent, eco-solvent, UV-curing and even latex inks. The Soft-execution allows a trouble free transportaion through any printer. Furthre enhancement can be doen with board-, or white board films.
The result: a printed, magnetically receptive, writeable (with chalk or maker) surface.

The FF 480 film is Latex inks certified for the HP Latex 300- en 500-serie.

400 µm matt white 12 m 101 cm
- FF 550

The standard '2 in 1'-film. The FF 550 combines magnetic receptiveness with all options of a white board. Magnets hold and it can be printed and whiped clean again.

New: roll width 137 cm, roll length 9 meters.

400 µm white 12 m 101 cm
- FF 410

A "regular" grey ferro film (Soft) with which any creative idea can be materialised. Whether enhancement is done with a board-, white board, or regular colour film.

400 µm grey 12 m 101 cm
- FF 400

Only limited available. Product will be replaced by ASLAN FF 410.

400 µm grey 12,5 m 101 cm
- FF 450

Ferro film that can be printed digitally. Only limited available. Product will be replaced by ASLAN FF 480.

400 µm white 12,5 m 101 cm
Clearboard films

Highly transparent, scratch resistant film, that can be applied on any surface, to turn it into a writeable board. The film can be written on and wiped clean without using moisture, numerous times.

- CB 75

Matt clearboard film.
Due to the properties of the surface of the matt film, it is more difficult to clean than the glossy version. The use of (minimal) a microfiber cloth and cleaning fluid is needed.

80 µm 50 m 137 cm
- CB 90 Glossy clearboard film. 80 mµ 50 m 137 cm
RP 35

Rear projection film RP 35, to be applied on the rear side of glass windows, is being lit from the rear by a beamer. The images appear at the front. The ideal solution for multi media presentation in shops, shopping-centres, public buildings, offices, etc. Works with every regular beamer; perfect view also in light surroundings under a wide angle.

90 µm 50 m 135 cm