Repair tape


Since paper and (old) books simply get damaged over time and through frequent use, it is sometimes needed to repair a tear.


To do this, you can consult a paper restorer for expert restoration. For fast and effective repairs, you can easily use restoration tape.


Self-adhesive (Japanese) repair paper for repairing tears and/or printed parts of books we offer from stock in different sizes and composition.

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Alle Repair tape

Name Item No. Info Roll width Roll length
P025 15600.

Self-adhesive, buffered with calcium carbonate, Japanese repair tape for repairing cracks.

2 of 4 cm 50 m
P045 16510.

Self-adhesive, opaque, acid-free paper. For reinforcing booklets.

2 of 4 cm 50 m
SK-F 16001.

Self-adhesive repair linen band for repair and reinforcement of book spines, folders. pH neutral adhesive.

2 of 3 cm 25 m