• 817.CLI.JWB

  • 817.CLI.JWB

  • Clipex Petrol

Click binders

Flexible binding mechanism to bundle various documents of different sizes; can also be used, for instance, with file folders and suspension files.


The JWB binding mechanism consists of 3 parts: a cover frame made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), a black bow made of polypropylene and a white bow made of polyethylene. The click bindings are packaged per part and approved in accordance with ICN 12. These binding mechanisms can be used with the file folders.


All mechanisms comply with ICN 12 and are packed per 100 pieces. 

Alle Click binders

Name Info
JWB clip

JWB clip The JWB binding mechanism consists of a cover frame and two bows. The clip bindings are packaged as parts. (ICN2 approved (file folder with binding mechanism)


100 in a bag J-clip - Colour: green