JWB introduces new charter storage!

Wormer, 22 July 2019

  • Type B: archive boxes horizontal storage

    Type B: archive boxes horizontal storage

  • Although the existing charter storage (for completely separate storage of charters, but also prints, drawings, photos, etc.) workes just fine, we started an investigation whether we could improve this product some time ago. Because (and to be honest) several customers hadĀ  indicated that there were areas for improvement. In the entire development process, from the first model, the hand-made samples, we consulted several customers in order to receive their response. Where possible, we adjusted the storage to their comments.

    With pride we can say today that the new storageĀ  in A2 format, for prints box 194, will be supplied with immediate effect. The A3 and A1 format storages will become available in the new model in due time.

    The main areas for improvement of the new model are:
    . one does not have to break out die-cut cardboard,
    . due to the folding construction set-up is quite easy,
    . the construction is locked easily and definitely,
    . an object can be easily mounted on the cardboard, after which it can be fixed in the tray easily.

    Of course still three standard storages fit in (the height of) a print box

    To see how the charter storage is folded, just look at this folding instruction video.